Paradise Regained,
the Regreening of Earth

"Paradise Regained" introduces new and innovative ideas on how humankind might use the resources of the solar system for terrestrial benefit. Earth would then become a place for a technologically advanced human civilization to live in synchronization, with the environment which gave us birth. Since the formation of our solar system, the resources and ecological state of Earth have undergone many changes. The environmental challenges facing humanity today, as the authors posit them, will not be resolved simply by conservation and Earth-based alternative technologies. Paradise Regained considers the environmental dilemma and highlights the risk of humankind's future extinction from environmental degradation. Human population growth, climate change, and the strained sustainability of the few remaining habitats for wild life are all discussed. Potential solutions are explored through the development of space which combines the ideals and goals of environmentalists and space technology advocates. Unique solutions to the problems of global warming and environmental degradation are explored. Describes how the development of space can preserve our society and help it continue to grow. Shows how a pristine, non-polluted environment can be created and sustained. Advocates the working together of the green movement and the space development communities.

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